Industry-leading hydrogen injection tech secures first revenues

Units at H2i’s R&D & Production Centre being prepared to be sent to its first customer.
Hydrogen injection company, H2i Technology, has secured its first revenues and is moving forward to install five units in mid-May for a customer in Asia after completing the fabrication of the units.
The installation will be the first of its sales pipeline of 100,000 units across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia, with a focus on the steel/iron manufacturing, agriculture, construction, remote communities, mining, and hospitality/tourism sectors.
H2i Technology will support its growth through the strong supply chain and manufacturing capabilities it has built locally in Australia, with the capability to produce 1,000 units a month.
The Company has also signed three heads of agreements with customers/distributors that give access to the Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern markets, which it is planning installations with later this year.
H2i technology has launched a capital raise, via VCEX, to finance the delivery of these sales opportunities which will play a key role in the Company’s planned 2025 IPO.
H2i Technology has seen a significant increase in demand since successfully completing independent testing of its hydrogen enhancement system which has the proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to reduce emissions and fuel costs.
The results have shown that H2i Technology’s system has the potential to deliver industry-leading results in fuel, NOx, CO2, and smoke opacity reduction when attached to a diesel engine.

Independent Test Results on a 220kw Generator:

  • Fuel savings of 24.5-27.1%.
  • Exhaust NOx reduction of 29.8-31.2%.
  • Opacity reduction of 41.5-44.5%.
  • CO2 reduction of 19.4%.
The testing was conducted by a master mechanic under commercial conditions and continuous operation and measured against Automotive Industry Standards.
Research by Gordon Capital also shows there are 20 million diesel generators globally that are suitable for H2i Technology’s system, while its disruptive pricing mode delivers a 12-18 month payback period on fuel savings per unit.
H2i Technology Chairman says:
“Since its inception, H2i Technology has taken a data-driven approach to developing an industry-leading carbon-reduction technology, which can be trusted by our customers.”
“We believe our strong sales pipeline of 100,000 units reflects the market demand for our pragmatic approach and the need for a right now solution to reducing carbon emissions. Through this, we believe we are well-placed for global expansion.”

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