Advisory Firm Engaged to Generate Sales Leads via Its Connections to the Mining Industry

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With field testing on potential customers’ sites on track to be delivered, H2i Technology has engaged corporate advisory firm, Keops Group, to generate sales leads.
With strong connections to Australia’s mining industry, H2i Technology says Keops Group is the perfect partner to help them deliver its compact-size hydrogen enhancement system, which has the software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine, to the Australian market.
“This is an important partnership for H2i Technology”, says H2i Technology’s Chairman, David Vinson. “Succesful commercial trials showed diesel engines using our system could reduce carbon emissions by 300 tonnes per year and potentially cut fuel usage by up to 20% — Keops Group will ensure we optimise the opportunities these results have created.”
“We believe Keops Group will play an integral role in helping us deliver our technology to the Australian mining industry, which is heavily dependent on diesel infrastructure and is seeking immediate carbon reduction products.”
With a commercial prototype ready for market for stationary generators and some off-road vehicles, Keops Group believes H2i Technology is strongly placed to deliver a commercially viable carbon reduction product to various Australian industries.
“H2i Technology has developed a practical solution for the carbon challenge, which is on track to be available this year,” says Keops Group’s Chairman, Andrew Mortimer. “Rather than invest in new assets, customers will deploy the easily attachable ‘black box’ system across their existing infrastructure to extend operational life, reduce emissions, cut fuel costs and optimise efficiency.”
H2i Technology says since the release of its commercial test results, it has received enquiries from across the globe and has started taking order interests.

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